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Tulya Nadi Reading For Abroad Clients

Tulya Nadi Astrology is a great work of compilation, predicting the future of mankind as dictated by the ‘Rishis’ or sages; the prominent among them being Bhrugu, Vasistha, Agastya, Shukra, Sivavakkiyar, Atri and other noble saints. And the language used to record the Naadi predictions is ancient or old poetic Tamil language. In addition to Tulya Nadi Astrology the saints were masters in Ayurveda and Sidha or Herbal medicine, science, self defence arts and spirituality.

Note:  Only by prior appointment. Fees for International Clients: 5000.

Abroad Clients

  • This is for NRIs (non-resident Indians) who believe in Nadi Astrology and our ancient literature and have gone to the extent of finding genuine teachers and seeking deeksha to learn; many others use astrology counselling to the best of their advantage.

  • As evidenced by his global clientele, Guruji Easwaran, a top NRI Nadi Astrologer, is well-known throughout the world. So far, he has served various clients located in the USA, UK, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, Canada, and Dubai.

  • Guruji Easwaran for NRIs is famous among many people because he suggests those remedies even if that person is living away from him.

  • People living in other countries can use Nadi Astrology's services by contacting him via Skype or phone.He gives them solutions to their problems, which they are facing in their daily lives.

  • If any NRI person is facing any dispute in their life related to property or any personal relationship, they can get all those disputes solved with his remedies.


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