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General Nadi Reading

Nadi Astrology is an ancient super science that sheds light on the journey of your soul and helps you understand your past, present, and future. Also known as Nadi Jyotish, Nadi is the Science of Thumbprints and the Science of Sounds too. The great sages of India have etched our destinies on palm leaves as divine predictions. Their sight into the future showed them the difficulties that would prevail in modern times. Out of their deep compassion for humanity, these advanced and accelerated beings wanted to provide an opportunity for people to discover and transform their destinies and evolve their souls. The soul stories that they saw were written down. This mystical science from our ancient seers, not only gives predictions but also remedies to dissolve your karma and course correct your life in the right direction.

Note :- Only by prior appointment. Fees for General Nadi Reading- 1100.

General Nadi

About General Nadi: - The General chapter is include with 1] 1st chapter 2] 13th & 14th chapter.

  • In 1st chapter u will get normal predication that means u r name, parents name, parents details of profession,brother,sister,children,spouse & gist of future prediction for all the 12 houses in general manner.
  • In 13th chapter will be the remedies for last birth sins committed and get rid of the effect of the last birth’s sins.
  • In 14th chapter will be the mantra kandam that means mantra japam, wearing of raksha (Talisman) for avoidance of enemies, troubles, bad effects of the people etc.

Note: - first matching will be done and after the full payment the reading will took place by the appointment.

Fees for the General Nadi- 1100.

Further Kandams (Chapter)

About Further Kandam (Chapter):- The person can see the further chapter but he/she has to done the General Nadi reading first. Then only they can proceed for the particular chapter details.

Example: 2nd chapter means money, eyes, family, education and speech.
Example: 7th chapter means age of marriage & details.
From the chapter list u can make the order for the particular chapter.
Note :- After the payment the reading took place by prior appointment.

Fees for the Further kandam (chapter)- 1100.

Chapter Details

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